Getting Ahead of Allergy Season

The running nose, headache and itchy eyes only mean one thing—allergy season is back in DC!

Here are a few tips to get ahead:

  • The AC is your friend. Roll up the windows in your car and close the ones in your house.
  • Pay attention to the pollen count and time of day. The afternoon time is usually the highest so maybe plan your outdoor activities for an earlier or later time.
  • Rinse anyone? Try a saline nasal rinse (neti pot or a spray) to help clear out nasal membranes. Gargling salt water can help soothe a scratching throat.
  • Don’t bring pollen home. Make sure to shower at night to get rid of any remaining pollen. Also, take off your shoes and change clothes when you get home.
  • Avoid mowing the grass or any other garden activities—especially on windy days.
  • Start taking allergy medications before your symptoms start.