Support Services

Better Lifestyle Services

Is getting the best care for your diabetes important to you? Is learning how to best plan and prepare meals for managing your blood pressure of interest?  How about one-on-one consultation with a Metro Health Case Manager to keep you “in the know” of affordable/no-cost health insurance, essential healthcare resources, or effective lifestyle management tools to meet your individual needs?  Check out the below resources Metro Health D.C. patients have available at their fingertips! 

Case Management

Our case management staff provides goal-oriented and individualized supports focusing on improved self-sufficiency for the persons served through assessment, planning, linkage, advocacy, coordination, and monitoring activities. Successful services coordination results in community opportunities and increased independence for the persons served. Programs may provide occasional supportive counseling and crisis intervention services.

Weight Management Program

MetroHealth now offers an evidence based lifestyle change program focused on reducing adult obesity through nutritional education, coordinating access to fresh produce, and increased physical activity. The success of the program is also attributed to participants working closely with a medical provider who works with them to come up with individual obesity centered care plan. Participants also get a free fitness tracker, cooking demonstrations and recipes and so much more.

Interested participants should contact Sara at 202 800 8359

Community Resources

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