How to Stay Fit at a Desk-Job

On Our Way to Work

  • Utilize your commute as an opportunity to get moving! If you live within a reasonable distance from your office, consider walking or biking to work. Start with just one day a week and add on from there!
  • Of course, if walking or biking is infeasible, and you’d prefer to drive, consider parking further away from your office than you’re ordinarily accustomed to so as to create an opportunity to get in some morning exercise.
  • Similarly upon your arrival, opt to take the stairs rather than the elevator.

Work Time Itself

The American adult is projected to spend upwards of nine hours sitting on an average weekday. This sedentary practice poses a significant threat to our cardiovascular health. Combat this threat by doing less sitting and more standing – even better yet, more moving!

  • Consider purchasing, or asking your boss to purchase, an adjustable desk to allow you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day – ideally for every 30 minutes you work seated, you should spend 30 minutes working while standing. If you’re really looking to go the extra mile, consider getting yourself a treadmill desk so that you can walk while you work.
  • Of course, if these options are infeasible for you, a great alternative option is to replace your desk chair with an exercise ball, which will engage your back and abdominal muscles during the day.
  • Above all, do your best to factor in time to get moving into your daily agenda!
  • Regardless of your desk and chair situation, it is recommended that you stand up every ten minutes.
  • Make a change to leave the conference room behind and conduct walking meetings or challenge yourself to take walking phone calls.

Break Periods

  • Make use of break periods and lunch time to engage in some physical activity like taking a walk, going for a run, visiting the company gym, or taking a moment to stretch out in your office

Eating at the Office

  • Keep a healthy breakfast on hand at the office for those days you miss out at home. Oatmeal in a mug is an easy traditional office favorite that is rich in fiber and minerals.
  • Stay hydrated! Maintaining optimal hydration throughout the day will serve to boost your metabolism.
  • Be conscious about your snacking choices. Opt for snacks like carrots and hummus, fruit and nut mix, or apples and peanut butter for more sustainable energy, a higher protein and fiber content.